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                                                                    MIX MEDIA PAINTING                   

My mixed media painting comes from the experience of over 40 years in my career as a full time artist.

It is ready to hang when your receive it.  The canvas image goes aroung the edges of the stretcher bars (called gallery wrap).

Each piece is labored over by me to give the collector the best of an individual piece of my work. One they have chosen and identified with .

Comes from inspiration and observation.  Many pieces are inspired from actual location.  Some from imagination.

It starts from one of my original paintings that is usually already sold.  These usually range in price from $10,500. to $15,500. each.

I next reprooduce the work on canvas with my large Giclee Printer.  (a giclee is a high end form of print, which in my case is with the best ultra violet safe inks I know of).

I next paint over this image extensively with acrylic paint.  Each piece has it's own personality, some variation of color and texture while keeping with the fidelity to the original painting.  Because I work on each piece, with color and texture uniquely it's own, each piece can be said to qualify as an original.

Each work is the alchemy of ultra violet safe giclee ink pigments and acrylic paints. After I am finished painting, laminating with two coats of polymer that gives added protection from UV rays and also has chemical and abrasion resistance.  (Occasionally I use the laminate in-between my painting layers.)

I believe this painting will bring you years  of enjoyment, transporting you to the place you will go to again and again for peace and restoration.

Your Artist, 

Juan S. Archuleta